My Philosphy Essays

In the philosophy essays on this forum I am sharing my thoughs and musings on various philosophical issues. My conception of what is a philosophical issue is very broad. There is little, if anything, that the tools and perspective of philosophy does not touch. And ‘perspectives’ is important in at least two ways. The topics will all be viewed through a distinctly philosophical lens. And it will provide my perspective as a philosophyically trained, but non-professional philosopher who is dealing with life and philosphy as it is lived and not as a purely academic performance.

This perspective results in a few things. One, I am only able to focus on a subset of topics. Second, I have not the time to fully research a topic. So I will probably present things that seem like new ideas to me, but have been discussed before within the large context of philosphical thought. The more I explore a topic, I am always amazed at how much as been covered before. There is very little that is new. Perhaps new ways of integrating ideas and new implications to our modern ear, but not completely new thoughts.

I am also trying to present issues from a non-specialist perspective and will be experimenting with different ways to present ideas. Ultimately we have to translate our our philosophical discourse into a conversation that is available to many different individuals. That is the only way to have an impact on the world. And why else are we having these discusions?

I write this as much for myself as a reminder of what my focus is with this site and that I have to work within and accept my limitations.