First Post

This is my first post of this new blog. This is not the first time I have attempted to start something like this and I have little actual production to show for my past efforts. Perhaps this time will be different. Perhaps not. I have reason to believe it will be different but this is also not the first time that I have felt that way.

I did want to take some time here at the beginning to lay out what direction I think I am heading. As these are mere electrons in a virtual server somewhere on this planet nothing is ‘set in concrete’. I also doubt any will read this unless I actually in the end produce something of value. Then some may decide to read from the beginning and see how I started.

I have several topics that I intend to write about. My ultimate vision for each of them would probably extend to book-length manuscripts. Ideally, that is how I would unleash them onto the world, but I am unlikely to succeed in that manner. In part because of the some of the ideas that I will present, the time is not available to succeed in that ‘traditional’ route and yet I believe it is important to get something out. In the past I have found success by breaking down projects into very small chunks and focusing on completing a single chunk. Nothing to surprising, novel or earth-shattering in that idea. I have found that idea much easier to achieve in the realm of computer programming than in my other endeavors. But I am going to try and more deliberately take that approach in my more literary endeavors.

What that means is that some (maybe most/all) of my posts are going to be these focused chunks that are intended to be a part of a larger whole that may not be apparent at first (if ever). I’m not sure how that will all work out in the end. Perhaps some ideas will come together into a larger, coherent whole. Perhaps not.

I’m not going to list all of the areas I intend to write in. If I am successful, that will become apparent soon enough. It will be many and varied. My reading list covers a wide variety of topics and there will be many areas that I hope to expound upon. I am by no means an expert in any single area (other than possibly my day job), but that reality is part of what I want to discuss with this forum. I think there is value in the synergy between many different subject ares. If all of one’s time is spent in becoming an expert in one or two areas, it may be more difficult to understand other areas enough to see those connections. That is part of what I think I can contribute to the human enterprise. More to follow.

That will about wrap up the beginning. Now it remains to be seen whether I come anywhere near approaching my vision for this endeavor.